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The Vision

The proposed development of a major film and television studio represents a significant new investment in the UK and creative economy. The vision is to create a major studio that meets the requirements of the international film and television industry, enabling Sunderland to establish itself as a prime destination for the UK’s high-end film and TV production.

Located prominently on the banks of the River Wear, the studio will be of the highest quality design and will provide an iconic landmark which signals the cultural status of the city within the UK and abroad.


This centre of excellence will meet the growing demands of the industry and enhance the economic infrastructure of Sunderland. It will bring cultural and recreational benefits to the community, providing a new home for Britain’s flourishing creative sector and building on the existing multi-generational heritage of creative industries in the UK.

 The studio will be an inspiring place to work, create, educate and learn. It will provide a welcoming environment which delivers a workplace focused on its occupants’ health and wellbeing, whilst providing strong bonds to nature along the banks of the River Wear.

Fundamentally, the studio will be a hub for skills, technology and creative people, as well as for social and community life – for both the film industry and neighbours.

Below Image Credit: 4D Studio

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