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FulwellCain Studios is a joint venture between Fulwell 73 (the global entertainment company) and Cain International (a privately held investment firm with over $15 billion in managed assets).

Founded in 2005, Fulwell 73 operates across a wide range of film, TV and music genres and platforms in the UK and internationally. Based in London and Los Angeles, the company has recently opened its first UK regional office, Fulwell North, in Sunderland. Fulwell 73 will draw on its history of successful collaboration with major film production companies, streaming services and broadcasters to attract high profile productions to the new complex. The company’s founding partners have strong connections with Sunderland and a passionate commitment to the north east.

Cain International is a privately held investment firm focused on real-estate backed opportunities that shape the fabric of global communities. Driven by a partnership-centric approach, Cain’s diverse expertise and deep industry knowledge have enabled the firm to source and deliver internationally recognised projects with leading developers and investors. Headquartered in London, the firm manages more than $15 billion in assets worldwide.

Fulwell Cain Studios has developed a 10-year business plan for the Crown Work Studios. The plan has been prepared in granular, bottom-up detail, drawing on real-life budget data for a range of production types.

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