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Site Context

The proposals are to deliver Crown Works Studios on 33-hectares of previously developed land on the south bank of the River Wear. The site is prominently located at a key gateway entrance into Sunderland, flanking the iconic Northern Spire Bridge, which was constructed between 2015 to 2018.

The site has a rich industrial heritage. It was a thriving area used for various industrial activities, including shipbuilding and repair works, during the 19th and 20th centuries. However, the site and surrounding area experienced significant change towards the end of the 20th century as a result of deindustrialisation, site clearances and regeneration.


The site was most recently occupied by Grove Cranes; however, all buildings associated with that use have now been demolished. Extensive civil engineering works have since been undertaken within the site as part of the development of the Northern Spire Bridge which crosses the River Wear and its associated road infrastructure.

This is now a huge vacant site and presents a prime opportunity for major redevelopment. The site proposed for the studio is made up of three development parcels: Site A, B and C:​

Site A

Situated between the River Wear and the stretch of the A1231 that runs east connecting with Sunderland City Centre.

Site B

Located between the River Wear and Paul Watson Way

Site C

Situated immediately to the south of Paul Watson Way

The site overlooks Castletown on the northern bank of the River Wear and is located 3km west of the City Centre. It is well connected with new road links, the existing Pallion Metro Station and established bus routes through the area.

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